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The aim of this project is to take the newly commercially available small scale sorption chillers and identify and promote standardised Solar Combi+ systems for small applications: i.e. combined solar water and space heating and cooling up to a cooling load of 20 kW.


Accelerating and smoothing the market entry of small scale Solar Combi+, the project will contribute to achieving energy policy goals of the EU and supports the market entry of a technology where a group of European enterprises has a favourable starting point for international leadership.

To identify the above mentioned standard system configurations and most promising applications, the project proposes to perform virtual case studies, where promising system configurations are defined (based on a thorough analysis of the market) and validated by simulations and economical and ecological ratings for different typical conditions (i.e. utilization, climate, building type).

12 partners from 7 countries (Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Greece and Sweden), including 5 leading European small scale sorption chiller producers collaborate in the project.





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